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    The NWA Activities Committee will be meeting early in June to determine the schedule of topics for the 2019-2020 Monthly Meetings at the Shaker Heritage Site starting in September. I am starting to compile of list of possible topics for the committee to review, and I hope members will assist the committee by suggesting topics for the group to consider. So far, some of the possible topics iinclude the following:

    – Determining what kind of finish was used on that antique & how to remove it
    – Using axes, spokeshaves and axes
    – Clamping dos and don’ts
    – Evaluating used power tools
    – Collecting old tools (follow up from Showcase program)
    – The future of forests in the Northeast

    Thanks for your input – Irv Stephens, Vice President

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    Rich Cerruto
    Rich Cerruto

    A couple suggestions:
    1) Characteristics of various wood and how to select the right wood for a given project.
    2) Methods of sharpening chisels and planes and how to tell if they are sharp.

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    Suggested topics:

    – Dealing with wood defects
    – How to make a lumber project ready
    – Best ways to glue joints (types of glues, managing open time, dealing with squeeze out, etc.)

    Thank you for the committee’s consideration.

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    Glad to see two responses already. I will add these to my idea list. – Irv Stephens

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