Herm Finkbeiner Learning Center

NWA Shop is Open

Increasing vaccination rates combined with reducing infection rates allow for the Railroad Avenue Shop to reopen for limited activities for SIGs. Group size will be limited to a maximum of 10 members, and masks and social distancing are still required. SIG members should contact their leaders to confirm if their group will be using the Shop during this time.

NWA maintains a fully fitted woodworking shop known as the “Herm Finkbeiner Learning Center” located at 97 Railroad Avenue, Albany, NY. As charged by NWA’s Board of Directors in 2015, the Learning Center and Operations Committee (LCOC) is charged with the oversight and coordination of all activities, maintenance needs and safety practices at the Shop.

The shop is used for the various SIGs to meet as well as for classes taught by both members and instructors from outside the organization.  The best way to make use of the shop is to join one of the SIGs or to take a class.

The NWA has created a Re-opening Safety Plan. This plan outlines shop safety procedures that are now in effect.


Anyone entering the shop will be required to sign a Waiver of Liability. You can read, print and sign the waiver and bring it with you.