Herm Finkbeiner Learning Center

NWA maintains a fully fitted woodworking shop known as the “Herm Finkbeiner Learning Center” located at 97 Railroad Avenue, Albany, NY.

The shop is used for the various SIGs to meet as well as for classes taught by both members and instructors from outside the organization.  The best way to make use of the shop is to join one of the SIGs or to take a class.


Shop Status Update (June, 2020)

The planning for reopening the NWA’s Shop on Railroad Avenue is moving along. Although the Capital Region is expected to be cleared for Phase 4 in early July, there are a number of steps that NWA needs to complete before it can reopen when the green light is finally given.

These include securing a stock of disinfectant supplies, submitting the reopening plan to the Board for approval, training selected volunteer members in policies and procedures, setting up cleaning and disinfectant stations, and posting new signage. If all goes well, the Shop could be open on a limited basis later in July or early August. Stay tuned.

Irv Stephens, NWA President 2020 – 2021