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      I’m looking for a freshly cut red oak cookie of at least 18″ diam. (bigger is better). I’ll be treating it with pentacryl to prevent checking on drying and then making end grain veneer for translucent lamp panels. Even mild checking ruins the veneer which is why it needs to be very green. With the recent storm taking down so many trees I’m hoping someone knows of a large oak. Willing to pay and willing to cut.
      Howard Jackson

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      Rich Cerruto


      You received a message sent to our general information email, in response to your request for a cookie.

      HI, I am not a member (nor a woodworker unfortunately) but I saw a post on your forum from Jackson 2 looking for a large red oak cookie. We have a 24 inch red oak that just came down in the storm, and he could cut a cookie from it. We are in Poestenkill.

      We are thinking about having the trunk milled (there are about 12 feet of clean 24-inch trunk before it starts branching) and potentially having some furniture made from it. Would your organization be a source of contacts for potential furniture makers? <>

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