[If you are a current member, renew your membership on our epayment page by clicking on the “NWA Annual Membership Dues” button. If any of your contact information has changed send a note to our Membership Chair at]

Please read the NWA Principles listed on this page so you have an understanding of what is expected of a member.

NWA offers a family membership for an annual fee of $60 per year. Members must reside at the same address to qualify under a family membership.  Upon receipt of your application* and fee, each named member will receive a badge.

There are three ways to join:

  1. Print out and mail the membership application along with your check .

                    View & Print Membership Application

                    2. Apply on-line (below) and pay using PayPal.  Credit cards are accepted.

                    3.  Attend one of our regular meetings where cash or check will be accepted.

If you would like to give a gift of NWA Membership to a friend, visit our Gift Membership page.

NWA Principles

Education Focused

Advancing woodworking, in all its forms, through education and activities that encourage the sharing of woodworking knowledge and skill

Service Oriented

Using woodworking skills in support of community services

Committed to Safety

Providing education in safe woodworking practices and safety-oriented oversight at NWA programs and activities

Volunteer Spirited

Volunteering for the organization, recognizing that no NWA program exists without volunteers

Inclusive and Respectful

Open to any person interested in woodworking, without regard to age, gender, race, or any other characteristic, and committed to respectful relations among all members

Encouraging of Participation, Achievement, and Fellowship

Providing an atmosphere of fellowship at all NWA functions; encouraging the participation and woodworking achievements of all members

After submitting your on-line application click here to: Pay using PayPal

On-Line Membership Application
  • Your first name will appear on your badge
  • Additional Family Members

    Family members living at the same address may be included at no additional charge.

After hitting “Submit” don’t forget to: Pay using PayPal