NWA Board Passes Newsletter Classified Ad Policy
Effective 11/23/2021

Current members of the NWA may place free classified ads in the newsletter to sell tools, logs, lumber, and related woodworking items. An ad may include up to two photos and up to ten items. The complete text, including description, price, or best offer and contact information will not exceed twelve lines. Members may repeat an ad for unsold items up to two times within 12 months of the original ad.

Non-members may place one ad per year for $25, paid by check or cash prior to publication. The ad may be repeated within 12 months of the original ad, up to two times for $25 each.

The ad should be a PDF or MS Word file. Please use the Times New Roman font sized at twelve point. The newsletter editor may rephrase and reformat ads. The newsletter editor will exclude items that the editor considers irrelevant to woodworking and may limit the number of ads that appear in any newsletter issue.

Contact our Newsletter editor Susan McDermott at

Give the Gift of NWA Membership

Visit our new Gift Membership page to give someone you know a gift membership to the NWA. It makes a great gift any time of the year.

The NWA Tool Market

The NWA Tool Market (only for NWA members) is a hidden page on our website where you can buy or sell tools throughout the year. Members can only get to the page using the link in the Tool Market email sent out each month. [There is no link to the Tool Market on our website.] Only members can post an item or make a purchase, so if you are not a member, Join Today to take advantage of this great NWA benefit!

The Tool Market is no longer a monthly event but may return some time in the future if we have sufficient tool donations.
Members will be able to email photo(s), description and price of an item for sale and then deal directly with other members interested in making a purchase. The NWA is also accepting tool donations that the NWA will sell to members.

Full details and rules are posted on the NWA Tool Market page. Once you have the link, visit the Tool Market to learn how it works.


NWA YouTube Channel

The NWA now has a YouTube Channel for NWA videos. (A link to our channel is under the “News & Gallery” menu under the “Videos” sub-menu.) Currently you can watch Rich Cerruto building a skin on frame pack canoe and Ray Puffer demonstrating his mother of pearl inlay technique. While on our channel click on the Subscribe link to add our channel to your list of favorite YouTube channels.

NWA items at the 2020 Shaker Heritage Society Craft Fair
NWA items at the 2020 Shaker Heritage Society Craft Fair