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      Shellac washcoat and finishing questions – has anyone used a washcoat prior to staining? Working with Cherry. I will be using an oil based stain that I had color matched to my existing kitchen cabinets as this will hang like an upper cabinet and the lower shelf will hold the microwave. Just need to sand a bit more and cut out for the outlet. I understand that cherry has a tendency to get blotchy so I will be testing with denatured alcohol. I have a couple of cans of Zinsser Shellac but it is NOT the dewaxed type so is it worth filtering out the wax to dilute with alcohol for a washcoat if needed? What else can I use as a washcoat?

      Using a spray gun for the first time also (although I will practice on scrap wood first!).

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      Hey – this is not a real reply. I’m just testing posting to the forum. Pardon the intrusion.

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