Volunteer Opportunities

The Northeastern Woodworkers Association relies on participation of its members to fill the many positions that make our organization work. Below are volunteer positions that are currently, or soon to be, open. We encourage all members to consider taking on a leadership role or joining to help. If you are interested in stepping up or have further questions contact us today at: nwa@woodworker.org.

With the assistance of our Board of Directors you will guide our organization to fulfill its mission to advance woodworking knowledge, woodworking education and community outreach. This is a wonderful opportunity to move your organization forward into the future. As president you will preside over the monthly meetings.

Vice President
Join our Board as Vice President and assist our President and the Board in managing our NWA activities. You will also step in for president when he/she is unavailable. The VP is also tasked with coordinating presenters for monthly meetings.

Membership Committee
Coordinates lists of membership dates, interests and local meeting groups. Initiates dues reminders. Reaches out to follow up on dues payment and increase membership retention.
Newsletter Editor
Oversee our monthly e-newsletter. Gather articles and photos; proof-read them and pass them on to our graphic designer who will create the final PDF file for our members to read.
Education Committee
Our mission includes education and so we hold classes, workshops and seminars at our woodworking shop. Help develop classes, recruit teachers and manage the registrations with a team of like-minded members.

Learning Center and Operating Committee (LCOC)
NWA maintains a fully fitted woodworking shop known as the Herm Finkbeiner Learning Center, located at 97 Railroad Avenue, Albany, NY. The Learning Center and Operations Committee (LCOC) is charged with the oversight and coordination of all activities, maintenance needs and safety practices at the Shop. If you like tools, you will love spending time at the shop as a member of our LCOC.

Lumber & Tool Committee
Help organize and run our Fall Annual Lumber & Tool Auction. Catalog donated tools and lumber and help manage the event. The auction has both cash-and-carry and auctioned woodworking tools and lumber. The auction takes place at the Shaker Museum Barn, 820 Heritage Lane, Colonie NY 12205.

Fiske Fund Committee
The Fiske Fund assists woodworkers at all skill levels with expenses incurred to further their woodworking education. Fiske Fund grants are available to individuals for up to 50% of approved expenditures. Along other committee members you will oversee grants that are awarded to applicants.

Hospitality Committee
Social connections are important to any organization. Contact us for more information about this position. The hospitality committee supplies refreshments for meetings and organizes door prizes at monthly meetings.

Showcase, our annual woodworking show held in Saratoga Springs, NY

Vendor Coordinator
Having vendors at Showcase selling wood, tools and supplies is a vital part of our show’s success. As coordinator you will contact vendors, old and new, and provide them with the information they need from registering to setting up the day of the show.

Ticket Sales
Our show is for the benefit of both woodworkers and the general public. We do charge admission and so we need someone to coordinate ticket sales both online before the show and also at the entrance to the show.

Social Media/Online Marketing
Critical to our success is getting the word out, and social media platforms have taken a lead role in marketing our show. We need someone familiar with the leading social media platforms to post information about our show.

Treasurer (Onsite money collection)
At the show money will change hands. We will receive money from admissions, vendors, our store sales, raffles and more. Each of these areas will need someone to pass the cash/receipts to. An organized individual with good money management skills would be ideal.

Lecture Series Manager
During Showcase there are ongoing free lectures. We need an individual to recruit speakers prior to Showcase, develop a schedule and assess equipment and demonstration needs. You will also work with the Showcase Volunteer Coordinator to recruit the camera operators needed to show the lecture on the flat-screen TVs in each room.

Lecture Series Videography
Our lecture series utilizes large screen TVs and video cameras to make it easier for attendees to see details of what the speaker is doing. Setting up the equipment before and after the show; as well as guiding volunteers in the use of the equipment is central to the success of the presentations.

Office Manager
With so many volunteers coming and going at the show, we run a simple office space where questions can be answered and supplies provided. This is a great opportunity to be in the center of the excitement.

Trucking Coordinator
It takes a number of trucks to pick up equipment from our Learning Center shop and deliver it to the show. Responsibilities include arranging truck rentals, picking up and returning tools before and after the show.

We staff a booth offering information to visitors as well as answering common woodworking questions. This is an enjoyable task.