Lumber & Tool Auction

Lumber & Tool Auction

Saturday, September 17, 2022
Shaker Museum Barn, 820 Heritage Lane, Colonie NY 12205

After two-year hiatus, the much anticipated NWA Lumber & Tool Auction will be back on Saturday, September 17th, 2022. All lumber offered at the auction has been air dried for at least two years. Large and small power tools as well as hand tools, all provided by generous donors, will be available. While large tools will be auctioned, smaller tools are offered at fixed price on a first come first served basis.

Doors open at 10:00 am for viewing, sale starts at 12 noon.

Volunteers are needed for setting up on Wednesday, September 14th and Thursday, 15th. Contact Lee Hilt or Juliana Shei if you are available to help.

Thank you.

NWA Lumber & Tool Auction/Online Sale Committee,
Lee Hilt Chair


The Auction Committee accepts auction items from active NWA members as outlined below.

  • “Donation” and “consignment (for sale by members)” are accepted.
  • The items can be brought to the Shaker Barn on the preparation day, Wednesday prior to the Auction. (For 2022, preparation day is September 14.)
  • Large items may be entered in the auction. Smaller items less than $100 are accepted as the sale table item only.
  • Members may assign price for smaller items and minimum price for the large items on consignment. The Auction Committee reserves the rights to assign price.
  • NWA will retain 25% of the sale price on the consignment items. A check will be mailed to the member within one week of the Auction.
  • Any consignment items not sold at the end of the Auction must be picked up by the member. The items not picked up will be considered as donated to the NWA.
  • Donation acknowledgement letter will be issued to the members donated the items within one week of the Auction. No letter will be issued for consignment.


Note: Proceeds from our tool sales go 50% to the Fiske Fund, an educational grant fund used to defray costs of woodworkers’ education and 50% to the NWA general fund.

Below: photos of past lumber and tool auctions.