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    My old reliable DeWalt DW733 has a problem, likely caused by me. I installed new OEM blades and set them according to the manual. Problem is, the blade setting gauges don’t look like anything in the manual. I did the best I could using the supplied gauges, and planed a piece of 1-by. Worked great. When I tried to plane thin stock to 1/8″, the machine nearly ate the stock – chewed up the ends, made strange noises, and shot one piece out of the infeed side and sailed it across the shop. I have routinely planed hundreds of 1/8″ laminating strips in the past with no problems.

    What did I do wrong?

    I dragged it to Latham to what used to be the DeWalt service shop, and found a new business in the building. An internet search showed the original shop, with a phone number. I called it, but was told the call couldn’t be completed. It was obviously out of service. The closest service shop is a couple of counties away

    Is there any knowledgeable NWA member willing to take on the service job? Email me at

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