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    Today I accessed the AWA web site, and was redirected to this site: It looks like the AWA site has not been updated since 2014. Who is in charge? I question the value of a web site that is not kept current. Ray

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    Rich Cerruto
    Rich Cerruto

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. AWA leadership acknowledged they are no longer maintaining their site and as a Special Interest Group under NWA they approved setting up a redirect from to I had forgotten to set it up, but did it just now. It may take some number of hours to percolate through the web. I’ll check in on it later and make sure its been done. The AWA is welcome to supply info that can be put here:

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    Please correct the AWA president from Pam over to Kevin Ramsey, as of 1/1/2020 is the new President. Please correct anywhere else you folks have Pam as President!

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