Totally Turning Demo Schedule

Demo Schedule from March, 2022

Ballroom 1
Ballroom 2
Ballroom 3
Sat Rot 1CookPetriePufferDeGrootJamieson
8am - 9:30amTurned Table LampEnhance after TurningMother of Pearl InlayWalking BowlHollow Forms the Easy Way
Sat Rot 2CookBattyLopezDeGrootJamieson
10:00-11:30Production TurningBowl Turning 40/40Thin Stem GobletMini AquiferThin Wall Goblet
LunchWOW Swap 11:30
11:30 - 1:30
Sat Rot 3CookBattyLopezDeGrootJamieson
1:30-3:00Mills and ShakersSpindle TurningEnd-Grain VaseWalking MushroomNatural Edge Bowl
Sat Rot 4FordBattyLopezDeGrootJamieson
3:30-5:00Bowl w/Spin ArtOff-Center Square BowlsSquare to RoundMini AquiferHollow Forms the Easy Way
Sun Rot 1CookBattyPufferDeGrootJamieson
8am - 9:30amProduction TurningSpindle TurningBasket Illusion Pt 1Walking MushroomThin Walled Goblet
Sun Rot 2FordBattyLopezDeGrootJamieson
10:00-11:30Bowl w/Spiraling ToolOff-Center Square BowlsEnd-Grain VaseWalking BowlNatural Edge Bowl
LunchWiT Meeting 11:30
11:30 - 1:30
Sun Rot 3CookBattyLopezPufferZenreich
1:30-3:00Turned Table LampBowl Turning 40/40Square to RoundBasket Illusion Pt 2Pendant and Embellishment
Sun Rot 4CookPetrieLopezFordZenreich
3:30-5:00Mills and ShakersEnhance after TurningThin Stem GobletBowl w/Spin ArtEmbellishment

Updated 12/9/21