Totally Turning Demo Schedule

Totally Turning 2020 was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Here is the schedule that had been planned for 2020.

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Ballroom 1
Ballroom 2
Ballroom 3
Sat Rot 1LiestmanHertzogDinwiddieBlankenshipLopez
8am - 9amTeapotsGetting PublishedPeppermillLoose Lidded BoxNatural Goblet
Sat Rot 2LiestmanWeissflogWeidmanBoucherPetrie
10:00-11:30Lost WoodDrunken BoxMulti-axis AnimalMulti-axis boxEnhancing w/ Router
LunchAAW Mtg
11:30 - 1:3012:00 - 1:00
Sat Rot 3LiestmanWeissflogWeidmanBlankenshipLopez
1:30-3:00ThermingOval BoxHuman HeadCrock Rim BowlEnd Grain Vase
Sat Rot 4AngusWeissflogWeidmanBlankenshipLopez
3:30-5:00Twice Turned BowlPierced BoxFish and Birds3 pc ornamentSquare to Round
Sun Rot 1LiestmanHertzogDinwiddleBoucherPetrie
8am - 9:30amLost WoodGetting PublishedPeppermillMulti-axis boxEnhancing w/ Router
Sun Rot 2AngusWeissflogWeidmanBlankenshipLopez
10:00-11:30Spindle PracticeDrunken BoxFish and BirdsLoose Lidded BoxNatural Goblet
LunchWIT Mtg.WOW Swap
11:30 - 1:3012:00 - 1:0012:00 - 1:00
Sun Rot 3LiestmanWeissflogWeidmanBlankenshipLopez
1:30-3:00TeapotsOval BoxMulti-axis Animal3 pc ornamentEnd Grain Vase
Sun Rot 4LiestmanWeissflogWeidmanBlankenshipLopez
3:30-5:00ThermingPierced BoxHuman HeadCrock Rim BowlSquare to Round

Schedule Updated: 2/21/20