Showcase Winners March 2022

Showcase: Winners 2022

Judging Categories & Description Award Codes
ACCESSORY1 Desktop, clocks, and picture frames 1st First Place
ACCESSORY2 Boxes 2nd Second Place
ACCESSORY3 Cutting board and kitchen utility 3rd Third Place
ADIRONDACK ADK furniture and accessories HM Honorable Mention
ALTMATL Alternate materials and miscellaneous PE Professional Excellence
BOATS Functional and scale boats PC People’s Choice
CARVING1 2D Boards: Chip & Relief Carving BIS Best in Show
CARVING2 3D Sculpture: Objects, Animals, People    
CHALLENGE 2019 Challenge: No Glue, No Screw, Side Table    
CNC-LASER Designed by entrant but machine made    
FURNITURE1 Tables & beds    
FURNITURE2 Cases, cabinets, and desks    
FURNITURE3 Chairs    
INTARSIA Items showing skill in intarsia    
JEWELRY Wooden jewelry of all forms    
MARQUETRY Items primarily showing skill in marquetry    
PYROGRAPHY Pyrography items.    
SCROLL Items made primarily by scroll saw    
SCALED Scaled models (e.g. doll houses, furniture, boats, and vehicles)    
SHOPEQUIP Wood tools, fixtures, and jigs    
TOYS Toy and play things    
WOODMUSIC1 Musical string instruments    
WOODMUSIC2 Musical non-string instruments