Showcase Show Store

The Store at Showcase features a wide assortment of quality woodworking products made by NWA members as well as members of our woodworking community. We especially want to thank the NWA Crafters for their contributions to the store.

Once again, NWA will offer members the opportunity to sell their wood creations at the Showcase Store on a consignment basis. As in past years, the organization will handle sales administration and cover any credit card fees. We will return 70% of all sales to consignees; checks will be issued within 2-3 week of Showcase.

We are asking that consignees send an email to to let us know that you will be participating and give us a general idea of the type and quantity of items you expect to have in the store so that we can plan space accordingly. Click Here to download the consignment form.

Please leave the completed form in the box with your inventory when you deliver your items to the shop on or before noon on Tuesday, March 19, 2024. Make sure to put your name on the outside of the box and an indication it contains Store Consignment Inventory. We will take care of labeling each item.

When completing the form, the three-digit vendor code is your initials. The reference # on the form is simply a line item to differentiate individual types of items. If you have four bottle openers for example, it needs to be listed only once with your price, the quantity you’ve delivered and a brief description.

At the end of the show, any remaining items will be boxed for you to pick up between 5:00 and 6:00 pm. The number of items to be returned to you will be verified by one of the Showcase Store Chairs, Susan McDermott or Linda Reiss.