Resawing on the Band Saw

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    I’m just getting into trying to get good resaw cuts on my bandsaw with a 1/2″, 3tpi blade. I would love to hear your suggestions about how to achieve the best cuts possible. Some variables that I would like your comments on:

    1. Getting slices that are consistent width across the slice. (Even after tweaking for drift, I found a slice to be wider at the end of the slice and a bit wider along the back bottom even though I kept the wood tight to the fence. I checked the blade and fence for 90 degrees and they seemed OK.)

    2. Any blade type or brand recommendations?

    3. Any band saw setup recommendations?

    I’ve done some online research but have found conflicting recommendations and perhaps I will here as well, but I hope that some of you have a tip or two to share.

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    I’ve always used this video with Alex Snodgrass as a reference when I setup my bandsaw. I don’t have a ton of experience, but it works well for me.

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    Rick Bird

    I don’t do a lot of resawing, but when I do I use a Wood Slicer blade from Highland Woodworking. A bit pricier than other blades but it works great. Mine is 1/2 inch wide, 3-4TPI.

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    Thanks guys.
    I will check out the video.
    I’ve heard of the wood slicer blade… I’m glad to get a reference… perhaps I’ll get one.

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